ArcView Investor Forum in Denver Draws 250 High-Profile Investors

A forum featuring the highest concentration of capital and key investors set an exciting tone in Denver last week. June 26th and 27th the expo was held featuring the most aggressive investors in the cannabis community. The investors reviewed pitches from 250 aspiring start-up companies that competed for high profile pitch slots- think Shark Tank with a cannabis-friendly theme. The investors will offer deals and advocacy to those with strongest pitches. These small start-ups have the potential of becoming the industry’s finest ganjapreneuers of tomorrow.

Bloomberg currently caps the marijuana industry at $3 billion as of April 2015. Financial analysts forecast the industry will reach $15.2 billion by 2020. California and Colorado lead the way with the highest amount of activity in the cannabis industry. Investors wise enough can expect to reap serious rewards, should they choose the right start-ups for investment.

ArcView was incorporated in 2010. The company has generated more $44 million for 70 cannabis start-ups. Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group, explains “The best entrepreneurial minds and the sharpest investors are turning their attention to the fastest growing industry in America: the cannabis industry. ArcView is where the deals that will make future headlines are made.” ArcView created the State of Legal Marijuana Markets report which is the most comprehensive data report in the cannabis industry.

Shortly after The ArcView Investor Forum, The Cannabis Business Summit that began on June 29th 2015 featured a variety of workshops including risk management, branding and marketing, cultivation, etc. The workshop instructors will include many of the best minds in the cannabis industry and Mendocino County’s best cultivators.

These events usher in an exciting and hopeful era for ganjapreneuers in Colorado. They set a new standard for high-profile investment in the cannabis industry as a whole.

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