Startup U is a reality TV show airing Tuesday nights on ABC Family. One of the ten contestants happens to run a medical cannabis delivery app. David Kram and his enterprise are representing the cannabis community as a whole in the spotlight.

The show is more or less a startup boot camp at Draper University, guiding contestants through a series of weekly challenges. David Kram is developing his company Relieve, which is a budding medical cannabis delivery app. Kram says Relieve will have your medical cannabis delivered within 20 minutes. Kram moved to San Francisco about four years ago. “I saw an industry lacking technology, lacking innovation, and lacking processes,” Kram told Huff Post. 

Cannabis startups face unclear regulations everyday. “There was bottleneck after bottleneck after bottleneck. Now, though, we’re witnessing the transformation and birth of a new industry.”

Kram has experienced push-back in the past from cannabis non-believers. “It’s a perception issue,” Kram added,  “It’s not anybody’s fault. The government has had a stance for so many years that this is illegal and that this is the same as some dangerous drugs, and this has resulted in a negative perspective. In reality this naturally growing plant can do some amazing things,” Kram says on his Draper University profile.

Kram’s brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma and used cannabis to help with pain. “My brother’s illness really hit home. I made it my mission to provide patients, no matter their location, with convenient access to the medicines they need to relieve their pain each and every day.”

Kram is competing against a 3-D printing company, a fashion startup, and other mobile technology services. “A lot of eyes will be judging me, for better or worse,” Kram said. “I embrace that. I want people to talk about cannabis. I want people to judge me. They’ll see that I’m not some pothead trying to get high, but that I’m an entrepreneur trying to build a profitable company, and trying to help medical cannabis patients.”

David Kram now has a voice that can be heard in the TV network industry, an industry that’s been inhospitable towards cannabis ads for years. Can he help break the stigma?

Startup U airs 10 p.m. On Tuesday nights on ABC Family.

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