California digital cannabis infotainment network, Cannabis Club TV entered into an agreement with leading in-store information boards, GreenScreens to combine resources providing cannabis dispensaries with a one-stop shop for digital footprint management. This partnership creates the largest Direct Out of Home and Over the Top TV portable broadcast network for the cannabis industry. While also providing customers with a visual path to brand awareness, opportunities for the budtender to upsell, and allows for cannabis brands an outlet to tell its story while also driving sales within dispensaries for the brands in the store.

The beginning of GreenScreens

Founders Ryan Sterling and Martin DeFrance met while both were working retail sales for Roots RX. Over time they began to see a need for customizable displays in dispensaries which led them to the launch of GreenScreens in Aspen, Colorado. Since then they have been able to build a network of digital flat screens in dispensaries across the country that rotate menu information and advertise to target and inform customers.

We had a chance to speak with Danny Keith, CEO of Cannabis Club TV to gain more insight into how this partnership evolved and what this partnership entails.

DCN: Danny, thank you for joining us today to offer some insight to our readers on this partnership between CCTV and GreenScreens. Let’s get this started, how did the two organizations start talking to each other, more specifically in regards to the beginning discussions of this partnership?

Danny Keith: Ryan and I met at New West Summit in Oakland, someone introduced us, and we just hit it off. We kept having phone calls discussing the industry, and we started to feel like we would be stronger working together.

DCN: What are you most excited about related to this partnership?

Danny Keith: Working with such hardworking, talented people, our mantra is that business is the people you do it with not the business you do. It just fit.

DCN: It was highlighted that this deal would leverage the executive staff and sales teams of both companies to manage the existing ten states (WA, OR, CA, CO, NV, MI, MD, FL, and AZ) and about 350 screens in those markets. This opportunity will also double the screens by June in 2018, will there be an opportunity to expand into additional States?

Danny Keith: Cannabis Club TV and GreenScreens will continue to work with and help emerging states connect the patient to the plant through our digital footprint. We are already looking into PA, AR, and MA.

DCN: Outside of the question above, does this partnership affect your current customers in any way?

Danny Keith: This new relationship offers more exposure for the brands we work with from both sides. Additionally, our current dispensary partners will have the opportunity to integrate the GreenScreens platform and vice versa.

DCN: With a partnership like this, can you speak on how this helps dispensary owners, brands, and even customers/patients?

Danny Keith: This new partnership allows the relationship to bring entertainment and information to the patient while providing the cannabis atmosphere for the dispensary and lift for brands we highlight on the tvs and Menu boards.

DCN: A partnership like this adds to a competitive advantage, what other key benefits would you say this adds to both businesses?

Danny Keith: By partnering together we can share some of the installation costs, the geographic separation gives both of us teams in regions we do not exist with a team. Executive it allows for two sets of passionate people to grow our businesses, also providing different perspectives on the dispensary and brands we work with. Overall our networking connections have now greatly increased.

DCN: Thank you, Danny, for giving us a peek into this partnership. Congratulations to both the team at CCTV and GreenScreens on this collaborative opportunity. Any final comments or questions I missed that you would like to share with the DCN audience?

Danny Keith: Rarely in life let alone business do you get the opportunity to partner up with like-minded people who do what they say what they do.

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