Medical cannabis isn’t all about smoking; this cannabis 101 guide highlights the other ways patients can use cannabis to remedy their ailments

At Theory Wellness we seek to provide high-quality medical cannabis for patients, no matter what their ailment. We understand not every patient’s needs are the same when it comes to medical cannabis. Whether it’s because of health, comfort, or personal preference, not everyone can smoke cannabis flower, so we provide a variety of other forms to accommodate all patients. Read below to learn about these forms and the specific remedies they offer.

Other Forms of Medical Cannabis

An Overview

  • Cannabis Concentrates
    • Vaporized Cannabis Oil
    • Rosin and Dabs
  • Infusions
    • Edibles
    • Capsules/Pills
    • Tinctures
    • Salves

cannabis 101

Concentrated cannabis’ higher potency help patients get a large, fast acting dose

Cannabis Concentrates

“Concentrate” has a rather broad definition when it comes to cannabis. A concentrate could be cannabis oil you dab in a rig, cannabis oil you vaporize in a pen, or even liquid you drop on your tongue. A concentrate is a cannabis product that has undergone an extraction process. Solvents, like CO2 or butane, rid the cannabis of everything that isn’t cannabinoid-rich, leaving behind a product with a high concentration of specific cannabinoids. The end result is a more concentrated medicinal product. The resulting cannabis oil can be used in a variety of mediums that are detailed below.

cannabis 101

Vaporizing C02 oil provides the same fast-acting benefits of smoking without irritating your respiration

C02 Oil

One of the most popular concentrate forms is C02 Oil. By using pressure and carbon dioxide, extractors separate cannabis plant material to create a pure oil. The oil is placed inside cartridges like the T Cartridges offered at Theory Wellness, and these are used in vape pens and other portable vaporizers. One of the biggest benefits of vaping C02 oil is that you bypass all the byproducts that are released when you combust cannabis flower. That means there will be no wheezing, coughing, or waste of smoke, which often results in much clearer, invigorating medicinal effects. C02 oil is beneficial to those taking cannabis that cannot risk smoking due to lung cancer, emphysema, or other respiratory issues.  

Rosin & Dabs

Rosin is a more flavorful concentrate. During the extraction process, no solvents are used to produce rosin, only heat and pressure. That means more of the original cannabis’ aromatics or terpenes are preserved, giving the oil more flavor. Preserving terpenes has an added benefit beyond flavor. Individual terpenes have been found to have medical properties, along with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Some terpenes have inflammatory properties, some can help aid sleep, some help with pain management, and some can even inhibit the growth of cancer! Rosin allows users to use cannabis in a safe oil extract form without losing the terpenes and their medicinal properties.

Dabs, on the other hand, are usually concentrated from solvents, so they do lose quite a bit of individual terpenes and flavor, for the sake of added potency with regard to THC and/or CBD. These concentrates can be beneficial for the patient who wants a large, effective dose in a short amount of time.

cannabis 101

Infusions are consumable items that have been infused with medical cannabis


Infusions are helpful alternatives to those who don’t want to smoke or inhale cannabis products at all. Taking cannabis and infusing it into something that can be eaten or applied topically can help medicinal cannabis be more efficacious to these patients.

cannabis 101

Infusions, like the above Gummy Chews from Theory Wellness, offer an on the go long-lasting way to medicate


Not only do edibles provide a way for non-smokers to medicate with cannabis, they can lead to longer lasting effects. Theory Wellness provides edibles that take about an hour to take effect, with effects lasting for about 3-6 hours. This long rate of action helps those who require medicinal cannabis throughout the day, but cannot stop to smoke, dab, or vape their cannabis when they need to, like patients who must stay at work, or who cannot smoke. Edibles let patients plan their treatment ahead of time. The effects are known to be a bit more powerful, which is why edibles are often used for insomnia. Theory Wellness offers THC cookies and Gummy Chews that provide long-lasting effects.

cannabis 101

Cannabis pills provide relief without any side effects of smoking or the need to be infused in something

Capsules & Pills

Cannabis pills come in both THC and CBD only forms. They are often used specifically by people with respiratory problems or young children who need to abstain from smoking. They can take a longer time to take effect but last twice as long as traditional forms of consuming cannabis. The effects are said to radiate from the stomach outward, and last much longer, which makes pill-form cannabis helpful to those who want to see lasting benefits throughout the day.


Tinctures are sort of the in-between of infusions and concentrate. They have the long-lasting effects of edibles and capsules while maintaining the fast-acting effects of concentrates and the terpene richness of rosin. Tinctures are made by using alcohol to extract and separate cannabis plant material. The great thing about tinctures is that they are easy to take, don’t offer any negative side effects of smoking, and provide patients with a fast acting effect that rivals the best-smoked flower or dabbed wax. Theory Wellness offers tinctures in THC and CBD formats.

cannabis 101

Theory Wellness offers a CBD salve that treats eczema and can help alleviate muscle pain


Salves, or cannabis topicals, are lotions, balms, and/or oils that have been infused with medical cannabis. You apply the infusion to the desired area on your skin to receive its effects. Since topicals are absorbed through your skin the cannabis never hits your bloodstream, bypassing cannabis’ common psychoactive effects. Salves are a go-to for local pain relief, muscle soreness, tension, and inflammation. They are most commonly used by those who want the anti-inflammatory benefits of medical cannabis without the cerebral “high” or euphoria that accompanies other forms.

I hope this guide helps illustrate the many different ways patients can use cannabis to remedy their ailments. If you have any comments or questions about these forms of medical cannabis, please comment them below!

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