B-Real co-founded Cypress Hill in 1989 and has been outspoken about cannabis ever since. With songs like Hits from the Bong, I Want to get High, and Dr. Greenthumb, his love for the plant is no secret. After playing a packed show with Immortal Technique in Philadelphia, B-Real opened up about his expertise in the cannabis industry.

B-Real owns one of 20 highly-coveted dispensary licenses in the city of Santa Ana, California.

B-Real said his favorite strain right now is Tangie. “I like cookies and other strains that we’re doing now, B-Real told Philly.com. Tangie is a very special strain. It, fortunately, got into our hands and our growers are some of the best in the world. So we are doing good things with it and a lot of people are very happy about our flower.”

B-Real says that 30 years ago, even Cypress Hill wasn’t ready to be totally honest about their cannabis consumption. As a dispensary owner, B-Real is now giving advice to aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs. “There’s a lot of opportunities right now,” he said. “It’s just picking the right ones that you know that can make work and that makes sense. And that you’re actually dealing with the compassion side of it and not just in it for the dollar. Because there’s a lot of people that aren’t about this culture, they open up these shops and they’re just making money off of the patients, off of the culture and they’ve got no love for it. They’ve got very little knowledge of it. They’re not connoisseurs so whatever is on their counters they couldn’t even tell their consumer about.”

How does B-Real prefer to smoke? “I am into the oil. I do dabs. Down at B-Real TV, we have a dab bar. We have a bar with no alcohol it’s strictly for dabbing. We don’t even have a flower bong there, B-Real said, adding “But you would not get any of that if the growers making this flower weren’t artists and scientists. So I’m always in allegiance with the flower before the oil. Because if you don’t have the flower you can’t make the oil.”

B-Real is enjoying decriminalization of cannabis in Philadelphia, which went into effect October 1, 2014.

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