Farm to table events are popular in Oregon, but the owners at North Fork 53 in the coastal town of Nehalem have taken it to a new level. Owners Brigham and Ginger Edwards hosted the venue’s first Bud and Brunch at the end of November, a unique event that brought Oregon’s newly legal crop to the table along with the fall harvest of delicious organic foods. Ginger Edwards is a long-time organic farmer, and the produce used for the brunch was sourced from her farm, R-evolution.

Each of the four courses was thoughtfully paired with a strain of cannabis containing a terpene profile complementary to the dish being served. Terpenes are the compounds found in the essential oils of plants, and they are what give all plants their aroma, including cannabis. These essential oils and terpenes can have therapeutic effects when ingested, and also through aromatherapy. Brigham Edwards is a passionate student of herbalism and plans to host future educational events on the effects of cannabis from the perspective of a herbalist.

Hosted at the delightful farmhouse bed and breakfast located right down the hill from the North Fork 53 farm store, Bud and Brunch was the first of their monthly cannabis-themed events. Before brunch was served, there were samples of freshly made smoothies enhanced with PNW Potions Medi-Mate tincture, crafted by Brigham Edwards, as well as cannabis-infused coffee and chai from Med With Love.

Jars containing various plants that embody the scent of each of the terpenes highlighted in the pairings were available for sniffing, and guests were able to familiarize themselves with the various attributes of each smell before moving on to the cannabis. The owners of Oregon Coast Cannabis dispensary in nearby Manzanita were also there to answer any questions on the impact of cannabis agritourism on the local economy.

When brunch was ready we all sat down at community tables, and I had the pleasure of sitting with some longtime members of the Nehalem community. One of the attendees had even been a past resident of the historic North Fork 53 farmhouse decades earlier when it was communal housing. The servers brought around a platter for each table containing a grinder, a vaporizer (my table received a PAX 2, but I saw another table with a Firefly vaporizer), and a fresh new pipe. Stephanie Calderon of TJ’s Organic Provisions and Remedy Jane led the brunch pairings, sharing a bit about each strain, and the terpenes they contain. Before each of the four courses were presented we were given time to sample and examine the flower chosen to accompany that course.

The vaporizers were an excellent way to experience the distinct flavors of each strain, and it was impressive how well everything was paired. The terpene profiles were carefully considered when designing the pairings, and each course was beautifully presented. My favorite pairing was the Emerald Jack from Ideal Farms, which was a piney, skunky strain with a touch of citrus, paired with a rosemary tart topped with roasted squash, leek, oregonzola, mixed greens, and a coriander mustard vinaigrette. The finale was a chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and house-made caramel corn. This decadent dessert was accompanied by a personal joint of TJ’s White Label, a cannabis strain with a sweet berry flavor, with a bit of a floral touch. For a look at the full menu, see the photos below.

Each guest left with a fantastic gift bag put together by Highly Distributed, one of Oregon’s premier cannabis wholesale distribution companies. Containing product from Portland-based producers True North Extracts, 2015 Dope Cup Winners Ideal Farms and TJ’s Organic Provisions, Synergy Transdermal Patches, Luminous Botanicals, Lief Truffles, and PNW Potions, the gift bags alone were well worth the price of the ticket.

Ginger and Brigham Edwards plan to host cannabis-themed events once a month at their Nehalem BnB, with a Moroccan sit-down dinner w/ belly dancer New Year’s Eve, a spa day with cannabis vaping and topicals only on New years day, and another brunch on January 2nd. Cannabis-themed events are for attendees 21 and over, but there will also be a variety of non-cannabis themed events to come at North Fork 53, including an upcoming lecture hosted by renowned herbalists Paul Bergner and Jonathan Treasure.

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