American Green and Media Technics Corporation are joining forces to develop tools for dispensaries in the cannabis industry. Their new app, BlazeNow™, will provide “product and location-specific advertising” for a variety of services in the cannabis industry. BlazeNow by BlazeNow Inc. is the revolutionary new mobile app and web platform creating the world’s first centralized online community for the cannabis culture where patients, enthusiasts, and businesses can connect and engage.

BlazeNow™  will not only connect dispensaries to local advertising, it will collect valuable industry data. American Green has already launched their product line of cannabis vending machines, ZaZZZ. American Green president Stephen Shearin told Andhra News “The magnitude and ground-breaking nature of ZaZZZ have forced us to keep our focus primarily on its ongoing development. Nevertheless, the need for a great app that can be seamlessly integrated with American Green’s ZaZZZ Network is no secret. We believe that BlazeNow™ will close the loop, not just for pre-orders at ZaZZZ locations, but also allow American Green to participate in the ordering and home delivery of products for consumers who are best served by such a network.” Shearin is also COO of Tranzbyte, American Green’s parent company.

Jeremy Carr is the president of Media Technics Corporation. He plans on thoroughly developing BlazeNow™ to compete with other new apps. Carr told Yahoo Finance “Although the timing is important, we believe it’s necessary to launch a complete and superior product to maximize our entry into this space. I hope to make our shareholders proud with the BlazeNow™ product. I think I’m as anxious as they are for the launch.” Carr said “As part of a consulting team that has turned several failing dispensaries into market leaders, I understand the hardships that the pioneers of this industry face every day. We are here to support our fellow pioneers. While developing BlazeNow, we prioritized the user experience of the dispensary as well as the consumer and intend to provide a far superior experience than the competition. We are genuinely pleased to have found a team at American Green who are as passionate about the industry as we are and who has already established themselves as a market leader.”

It’s tools like BlazeNow™ that will set the standard for the industry in 2016 and beyond.

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