That evening, Portland’s Willamette Week magazine hosted the “first ever legal pot party” in Oregon at Falcon Art CommunityThe Best of Potland event was free, open to the first 500 attendees 21 years of age or older to RSVP online. Networking events like these are crucial to the emerging cannabis industry. This is a community that has been unable to advertise or market their products openly for decades, and I thank the Willamette Week for starting us off right. There was food available from two local food carts, free beer, comedy, and music. The party kicked off at 4:20 in the afternoon, fittingly, with free joints for all. It was a relatively intimate event, with only about a dozen vendors, and everyone was showing off their brand.

Golden XTRX, Proper Oil and True North Extracts were there showcasing their stellar concentrates with vape pen samples and free dabs, while Goochy Gardens and Eco Firma Farms were handing out samples of some beautiful flower. Women Grow had a booth, and if you are looking to network in the cannabis industry I recommend you check out this organization. Women Grow was founded in Denver in 2014, and their goal is to connect, educate and empower entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, focusing mainly on women. The Weed Blog team was next door, an excellent source for cannabis related news. 

 When I stopped by the Bud Rub booth to grab a sample I also got to hear more about their products. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve learned the benefits of topically applying salves and different essential oils, and the crew at Bud Rub know what they’re doing. I picked up a couple samples, and I look forward to reviewing them for you.

The most innovative product I saw at the event was the Prodigy, a new all­-in-­one digital vapor ­rig made by Seattle based company Spry.The Prodigy has the look of a traditional water pipe, but does so much more. The custom titanium nail is heated by an all­electric system which is built in, and you have full control over the heat level with the digital temperature control. There’s a charging base that does need to be plugged in, but once it’s charged you can pass the Prodigy around the same way you used to pass your water pipe, except with no lighter or extra accessories needed.

There were several dispensaries in attendance as well, handing out t­-shirts, stickers, hats, and information. Nectar Cannabis, and GreenSky Collective were there from Portland, as well as representatives from Washington recreational stores High End Market Place and New Vansterdam,which recently opened a medical marijuana dispensary in the Portland area called New Vansterdam Medical. Recreational cannabis sales in Oregon were set to begin in 2016 after the regulations were finalized and taxes were set, however, it seems likely that legislation will pass to begin the sale of recreational cannabis on October 1st in the 310 approved medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

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