The leading platform in CRM, eCommerce, and customer engagement, Baker announced the launch of its expanded integrations program including an API (Application Program Interface).

With an expansion of over 20+ integrations, Baker will be increasing the offerings they will be able to provide cannabis dispensaries. This new ecosystem is a user-friendly platform that will connect dispensaries directly to ancillary services. The services include point of sale systems, digital signage, advertising networks, agency and design groups, and product review services to name a few.

The Journey of Baker

Baker was founded in 2014 and has been making strides in the cannabis space over the past few years. In 2016, Baker announces that they had successfully closed their seed round of $1.6 million to build software that helps cannabis dispensaries gain new customers, retain and reward their best customers for loyalty and helps eliminate long lines in the store. In March 2017, Baker raised an additional $3.5 million on top of its initial seed round in August.

Eight months later, they acquired Seattle-based Grassworks Media, one of their more significant competitor and ended 2017 with the announcement of their Series A round at $8 million to begin their expansion in California.


To date, Baker is servicing more than 800 dispensaries, in over 19 states and Canada. And their clients are also seeing growth, on average their clients are seeing a 40 percent boost in average order size, and a 300 percent ROI in just ten weeks.

The Expansion

We spoke with Joel Milton, Baker’s CEO and Co-Founder to give you a bit more insight into this new integration.

Adelia: Baker is looking to release has over 20 integrations and an API, why do you feel these 20 integrations are beneficial for the end-user?

Joel Milton: Dispensaries can seamlessly transition between tools and access real-time, normalized data to better understand what is driving revenue.

Adelia: With the additional ancillary services, who are the current partners and is there an opportunity for other providers to work with Baker? If so, what would be the next steps?

Joel Milton: Integration partners include MJ Freeway, Flowhub, Budtender TV, Eyechronic, PotGuide, and more! You can see all integrations by category here. This is just the start of the Baker integrations program, and more will be coming later this year. The new API opens the door for more providers to integration with Baker. If there is a provider of interest, they can contact

Adelia: Does the new integrations and API bring in a new business model, or will this be an add-on feature or package for your customers?

Joel Milton: The new integrations and API will be a value-add to our customers. We know many dispensaries are challenged with different tools that don’t talk to each other and we are looking to solve this industry-wide problem.

Adelia: With this new API, are their certain qualifications or requirements that customers need to meet to be able to use this API?

Joel Milton: It really varies by provider and will be case-by-case.

Adelia: Dispensary owners get approached by services providers daily, and at times it can be overwhelming, outside of the lineup of new features, what would you say is another competitive advantage that Baker offers?

Joel Milton: In addition to having the most number of integrations, Baker provides one easy-to-use platform for dispensaries. This allows dispensaries to have one integrated tool for their online ordering, customer messaging, loyalty program, and more.

Adelia: Baker is currently in over 800 dispensaries, 19 States and Canada, can you give us a peek into some ideal growth goals for 2018?

Joel Milton: Our goals are focused on providing more value to dispensaries and expanding our on-the-ground support in rising states, such as California.

Adelia: Baker had some amazing announcements, and successful raises over the past year, any additional accomplishments you would like to highlight that maybe our viewers don’t know about Baker that you would like to share with our readers?

Joel Milton: Baker’s growth this year has helped us expand offices to both Seattle and L.A, in addition to building out our new HQ in Denver. We know how important it can be to have ground support when initially ramping up your business, as we experienced in Colorado. With that said, Baker has prioritized opening up an L.A. office dedicated to helping California dispensaries set themselves up for success as the market opens.

Adelia: Thank you, Joel and we can’t wait to see what else Baker has in store and wish you continued growth. Any final comments that you would like to share with the DCN audience?

Joel Milton: Baker is excited to be leading the way in cannabis tech by opening our massive network to all the best-of-breed tech providers. At the end of the day, it all comes back to adding more value to our clients. Opening up integrations is a big step for Baker, as well as the cannabis industry.

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