Founded in 2015, Baker initially launched as an “order ahead” web app that allowed customers to reserve and pick up their cannabis product they wanted. With expertise in retail, technology and cannabis Baker evolved and developed an industry-specific tool not only for dispensaries but brands as well to build brand loyalty and increase engagement with their customers by focusing on personalization in their shopping experience.

What services are available through Baker?

Baker is a Denver-based customer engagement and marketing automation platform for cannabis dispensaries and brands. They have utilized their data-driven approach to turn anonymous visitors into repeat customers, their smart products include personalized messaging, check in and loyalty services, analytic insights, and online shopping.

Today, March 14th, 2017, Baker officially announced that they have secured a $1.6 million extension to it’s August 2016 seed round this extension was led by Poseidon Asset Management to propel Baker’s continued and explosive growth. This series was funded primarily by existing investors including, Michael Lazerow, Base Ventures, XG Ventures, Phyto Partners, the founders of Outside Lands, and several notable others.
To date, this brings the company’s total raised capital to $3.5 million.

With this announcement, Baker will also be expanding their operations to serve dispensaries in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Hawaii, now making it active in 10 states and Canada.

I noticed a big opportunity in the cannabis industry, which draws many parallels to the craft beer business with which I’m very familiar. Due to federal regulations, investments in the industry have seemed too risky. However, following the November ballot initiatives (where recreational cannabis was legalized in four states that tripled the industry size), the opportunity became a lot more attractive. Couple that with the success of Baker’s technology platform for dispensaries and brands along with its explosive growth — it was a no-brainer.” John Green, Executive Chairman and Partner for Founder’s Brewing Company.

Over the past year, Baker has not only doubled it’s dispensary customers to 250 but has expanded into six new markets and has grown its workforce by nearly 100%. Last month alone, the company helped generate more than $3.1M in revenue across its 250 dispensaries.

How does it work for users?

Baker offers their platform free to its users and only charges a monthly fee for dispensaries that potentially will change to a revenue-sharing model.

As a customer, you would go to to create an account, or you to automatically browse their site for local dispensaries and products.

As you begin browsing the website, Baker gives you an option to customize through a particular selection or option you are looking for such as pick up, delivery or if you are looking for medicinal or recreational locations. Once you have found the essential items you would like to order, you can process your order through their web-app.

Then you would either go pick up or have your order delivered to you. The web app would then update you on when your order is ready to be picked up or when it will arrive at your location.

As the industry continues to build itself, there is a bigger need for industry-specific tools and Baker’s focus on growers, manufacturers and dispensaries can cater these service providers needs and have a clear understanding of the legal and logistical demands.

Additionally to Baker’s marketing automation platform, they also create interactive shopping menus that dispensaries can embed on their websites, building e-commerce destinations.

For those looking to work with Baker, you can go to


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