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MP Consulting, LLC is a women-owned consulting partnership with combined experience of 30+ years providing Quality System expertise in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our knowledge, expertise, drive, and dedication in the pharmaceutical and medical industries can be easily applied to the cannabis industry. Similar standards and regulations for pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices are currently being developed and implemented for cannabis, both medical and recreational.

The Benefit of Quality in the Cannabis Industry

We’ve all seen headlines or heard rumors about products being seized or returned because of pesticide and mold contamination or other issues. When issues...

Wisconsin – A Pioneer in Cannabis Legalization

What is AB 482? AB 482 is a comprehensive collection of instructions and guidelines developed from extensive research and a conscious effort to utilize...

The Need for Laboratory Compliance in a Non-Regulated Industry

What is the role of the Quality Control Laboratory? The Quality Control (QC) laboratory serves as one of the most critical functions in pharmaceutical manufacturing...