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Joe Khoury
Joe is the CEO & Co-Founder of iRollie, a retailer & manufacturer of innovative smoking accessories, and founder of JK Digital, a canna-business digital marketing agency. Hailing from a startup background that spans fin-tech to actual startup accelerators, Joe has a focus & expertise in early strategic growth, M&A, rapid prototyping, & overall business development. He's launched, managed, and grew four canna-brands/ brands focused on maximizing digital ROI & scaling of sales on a budget. Joe's passion is growing businesses and helping others hack business growth. Follow him on IG, FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

The Massachusetts Cannabis Conundrum, Certified Labs

The first recreational retail marijuana facility is licensed in Massachusetts. Cultivate was awarded the first recreational retail cannabis license located in Leicester, Massachusetts. Similarly,...

Crowdfunding a Smoking Product?

So, you’re crowdfunding a smoking product, and figured you would use Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Fortunately, these platforms will not allow you to use their...

Navigating the Legal Gray Area Surrounding the Ancillary Brands

The contradictions between state & federal authorities are increasingly polarized. That forces ancillary smoking product business’ to chase a shifting legal line. My name is...