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Colby is a business/lawyer hybrid with an M&A background and expertise in strategic growth. As a c-suite executive at Eyechronic, an in-dispensary television network, he witnesses the dynamic nature of the cannabis industry first hand as he works to ensure that the company is rapidly growing to keep up with demand while also keeping an eye towards the future for potential add-on acquisitions and exit possibilities.

Hiring Outside The Cannabis Space

Let me begin by stating that I am likely biased, having myself come from outside the cannabis space before opportunistically jumping at an opportunity...

Strategic Partnership as a Path to Growth

You look at your company bank account and calculate the company's cash burn. Most likely you have raised just enough money to keep the...

Why cannabis industry consolidation will affect your business

What is "consolidation?" Industry consolidation is the merger and acquisition of many smaller companies into much larger ones (i.e. mom and pop shops into big...