Over the past few months, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) has held weekly meetings to finalize application processes, inviting community members and industry leaders to share their opinions.

What has unfolded is a broad, patient-focused program thoughtfully designed with the state economy in mind.

I may be one of the few people in the industry excited about Arkansas, but I believe the state is going to be an important addition to the legal cannabis market.

Here are the highlights:


  • Arkansas will provide reciprocity allowing access to patients from other states. This is a huge boost to the current state population.  
  • Arkansas will allow for flower (Pennsylvania, New York, and Minnesota medical programs does not).

Application Details

    • The application will be graded on a merit-based system.
    • Applications will be “de-identified”. Commissioners will not know the city in which the dispensary/cultivation facility is located, though they may or may not see the zip code/county.
    • The commissioners have agreed to a 20-page limit, and have agreed to read all 20 pages, but may not commit to reading the addenda (supporting documentation).
    • Bonus points will be awarded as a check mark – applicants awarded all points or none.
    • Ability to operate a Dispensary or Cultivation Facility is weighted at 50% of the application.
  • Pharmacist Consultant required by law for dispensaries.
    • Dispensaries that plan on cultivating will have a more in-depth application process to cover both Dispensary and Cultivation Facilities.

Program Timeline

  • July 1: Arkansas application published and the first day that applications will be accepted (this date is subject to change).
  • September 18: The 90-day application window closes, last day applications will be accepted.

Next Steps for Applicants

The Arkansas application process will be vigorous and competitive, especially for dispensary applicants who plan on cultivating. Stakeholders should hire a cannabis consultant with the expertise to strategize and navigate license complexities.  

When meeting new clients, I always start with a few questions to get a better understanding of their industry interest and budget. For current licensees, is offering special packages to help businesses strategize and scale nationally.

As a consultant, I know licensing can be overwhelming, but we are here to help and make the process less stressful while setting individuals up for success.

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