A brand designed and founded by Jeannie Moss — AnnaBís is a product line focusing on handbags and pouches created to meet the needs of professional high-end consumers in search of a fashion-forward solution to storing their cannabis while masking its’ infamous scent.

Founded in 2015, Moss set out to attract cannabis consumers whose shopping preferences lean towards purchasing luxury handbags from brands such as Tory Burch, Michael Kors or Coach. AnnaBís’ Aroma-Bloc™ technology, ergonomic straps, and hidden compartments have given consumers the freedom to carry their cannabis with confidence and style.

What makes AnnaBís stand as a luxury brand?

“Most importantly, we wanted to design something that doesn’t have cannabis leaves and Jamaican flags all over it…something that would look good in our Chloé, Gucci, and Anya Hindmarch bags,” Moss explained on Refinery29. The bags are designed with Aroma-Bloc™ technology, a thin, flexible resin film that contains the scent, so from the outside, the scent of leather (or vegan leather, if you choose that option) is present instead of the traditional odor. Each bag contains more small compartments than found in a regular purse, so the option to not only store cannabis, but vapes, rolling papers, grinders, and eye drops is available.

How Does Aroma-Bloc™ Technology Work?

“AnnaBís’ Aroma-Bloc™ Technology consists of thin layers of the resin film that’s typically used in the medical, food and electronics industries. Construction is durable, flexible, lightweight and heat resistant. Encased in this film, we then seal our accessories with airtight zippers and special nips and tucks to keep the scent of cannabis inside where it belongs,” as stated on the AnnaBís website.

What’s the product line for AnnaBís?

  1. The Chelsea –  A cross-body bag with an Aroma-Bloc™ technology in the discreet lower compartment and the roomy top compartment lined with six organizing pockets, and comes in two colors. MSRP $195.00.
  2. The Whoopee Bag – A stylish clutch that comes in twelve colors. MSRP $70.00.
  3. The Frankie – Sleek and functional the Frankie resembles a pencil case and comes in two colors. MSRP $70.00.
  4. The Melissa – A sleek clutch that comes in six colors. MSRP $85.00.

The next four designs were recently released at this year’s MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

  1. Lady G –  A cross body bag that becomes a waist accessory with an easy clip of a strap. Outside on the back, find a handy phone pocket, and twist the clamps to lift the flap to see two Aroma-Bloc™ zippered compartments. Lady G comes in three colors and is priced at $245.
  2. RiRi – A small carry case with an extra Aroma-Bloc™ divider is inside to ensure secure scent control. The RiRi comes in four colors. MSRP $95.00.
  3. Kirsten – The everyday go-to bag that comes in three colors! This bag contains a leather exterior with two deep external pockets for easy access.  One pocket is dedicated to housing the matching coin purse held by a darling little strap, while the other is for your phone. MSRP $225.00.
  4. Maya –  The Maya comes with two internal Aroma-Bloc™ zippered compartments, and is secured with an external phone pocket to maximize cannabis storage inside. The Maya comes in six colors. MSRP $125.00.

What we enjoy about AnnaBis is that they love collaboration and strongly believe in community. They evolve and create their product line based on community input.

From The Founder, Jeanine Moss:

Check out AnnaBis Green Guides! AnnaBis Green Guides are for Women Taking the High Road – is the first travel newsletter for canna-curious female explorers. Our customers asked us to tell them the “rules of the road” for cannabis laws in cities across the country, and where to find “munchies,” fun “joints” or sights, nearby “trips” where they can enjoy cannabis and great scenery, where to buy “Buds,” and cannabis friendly hotels or “Digs.” Guides for Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are available for free download. We think it’s high time we women get what we want and what better way to do that than to create things woman-to-woman?

So, we want women to send us their favorite places everywhere and we’ll check them out and include them in guides.  And we’ll publish tips, suggestions and other input on our social media channels, too.

Want to learn more about AnnaBís? Check out: http://annabisstyle.com/

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