The promotion package reportedly contained a gram of a specially grown ‘American Ultra’ strain of marijuana, a jar, a lighter, joint papers and a special comic book. According to, the marijuana was “grown by a top San Diego grower exclusively for these purposes,” and the promotional packages were delivered by medical marijuana co-op and delivery service, Real Care Inc. Comic-Con patrons who received one of these kits were able to use the Blippar app to scan the cover of the comic book, or the rolling papers, and watch an exclusive clip from American Ultra.

Although American Ultra is classified as a “stoner” movie, this marketing scheme is another example of the many ways cannabis is beginning to break into mainstream culture. Rather than the typical action figure, or other toys commonly used to promote films, American Ultra has assessed their demographic, and given the people what they really want. I wonder how many will actually save their American Ultra stash until August so they can enjoy it with the film… If you were at Comic-Con this weekend and received one of these chronic swag bags, let us know what you did with yours in the comments!


  1. I got one, and enjoyed it in private. It was excellent, and the swag items were cute! The delivery system was really efficient too–I had my delivery within 30 minutes, right to the corner in front of my hotel.

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