5 Ways to relax when you’re too busy

As an entrepreneur leading the cannabis industry to new heights, it may often feel like the world is collapsing on you during stressful times. The entrepreneur life within the cannabis industry seems to blow in every direction nowadays – an amazing sign of the industry’s health and profitability. However, if you aren’t able to keep up with the pace and give yourself time to relax during those busy days, you’re limiting your ability to succeed.

The ability to be more productive and efficient in your work life is very important for you and your team. I myself have tended to become too busy to relax and really give myself time to process life’s events. The hustle of business then suddenly taking the role of both a housewife and mother took a toll on me. I let my emotions get the better of me instead of calming my nerves or taking a toke. Those little things can be forgotten, especially when you’re so busy to even think about yourself.

This is why it is vitally important to take care of yourself mentally. As I didn’t take care of addressing my emotional and mental needs, everything flew in my way, without me being able to control it as well as I could. When I didn’t relax after working 12 hour work days, my mood was different and I became sick at times. Now, I know without a day of relaxing (toking with a blunt), I won’t operate as well as I desire to. Since we’re on the subject of health, here are amazing ways to relax that I use, while you’re being the busy person that you are.

When everything stops for one minute, just one minute, it’s a great time to take a sip of cannabis tea. There are essentially different types of cannabis teas that soothe your body out entirely. Cannabis Tea was known as a traditional drink that ancient Chinese drank for numerous ailments. It was said to have been used thousands of years ago. While it’s great to understand the culture of cannabis tea, it’s even greater to give you the benefits it brings.

There are many recipes to create cannabis tea, but the two that really stood out to me were the raw cannabis tea and chia cannabis tea. Raw cannabis tea is the type of tea that doesn’t have all the THC while the chia cannabis tea has THC to get you up ‘there’.  The first tea is perfect for taking a break in between work hours. It’s also good when you’re not desiring to be stoned but to get some clear mindedness. As a ganjapreneur, this is the perfect drink to relax and heal yourself internally.  The second tea or chia cannabis tea holds more THC content which is why it’s best to drink some of it when you’re at home getting ready to chill from the day.

You may find both recipes here. They are both great for whenever you want to take a moment to self-medicate whether you’re out making a difference in the cannabis community or taking time be at home.

2. Meditate

Another way you can relax from the life of a cannabis entrepreneur is meditating. It’s a very powerful way to mentally ‘slow’ down your thoughts. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re head is running a million thousand miles a second? I’ve had this happen to me far too many times. So far, I’ve lost count. Which is why you’ll need to meditate to work better in the environment you’re in.

Yes, this does include smoking the medicinal herb (cannabis) to rejuvenate your entire body internally and externally. The difference between those who don’t meditate between those who do is:

“One is more successful than the other”.

Are you able to decide the one who is more successful? I hope your thought concluded the most successful person is the one who takes the time to meditate. Even if they had five minutes to do so. Successful people like Tim Ferris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many known other figures, take the time to meditate every day for sessions up to ten minutes to an hour. If you’re interested then take a dive in Timothy Ferris’s podcast on meditation. His podcast is a great resource that provides a framework for individuals on their entrepreneurial journey.

Other than that, the best times I’ve found to meditate are in the morning, because it’s the start of the day. When I meditate, it’s at 4:20 in the morning before everyone else is awake in the house. One wise person once told me that the best time to meditate is when all the minds are sleeping. You get more quietness and you have more thinking power.

How to get started

  1. It’s important to set a time to meditate either in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The time to start is on ‘how’ you feel the right time is best for you.
  2. Before you relax, be sure to find some peaceful guided meditation resources that’ll help you on your mental journey. Although guided meditation is great, you can also be in a quiet peaceful room where you can meditate in silence.
  3. Sit on a comfortable couch, chair, floor, or stool where you’ll be able to relax. Sitting upright in a cozy position is better than sitting with your legs crossed (unless you’re accustomed to sitting like this) or having a tensed body. This experience should be relaxing for you to mentally travel and not be interrupted by uncomfortable distractions.
  4. Always have your smoking accessories ready! Whether you’re smoking from a bong, joint, blunt or your favorite smoking method, it’s best to start with one hit before you dive into meditation. Smoke as much or as little as you need throughout the meditation, just as long as your thought process isn’t interrupted.
  5. My method to begin channeling a calming headspace is to start mentally thanking God or the Universe for bringing me everything I wanted. Then I appreciate my small family for being my support and the little things they do for me. As I do this, I feel so good and happy. You should too when you’re doing it right. It will make you feel better and have a better day too.
  6. Go over in your thought process of what you want to happen in your work day and feel good in your gut about the things you need to get done. This is what I like to do before I start the day. When I do this, everything runs more smoothly for me and I’m a lot happier throughout the day.
  7. You can ponder anything else you find meditative to you as long as you remain positive and have good visions of the future.

All in all, if you have never meditated before then start doing the minimum of ten-minute sessions every day. Then later work up to an hour of full on meditation. Creating the habit is repetition, so you’ll need to do this every day even for just a few minutes because at least you’re starting. Though not everyone is perfect and you may find one or two days of the week that skipping meditation is a must. I sometimes skip (accidentally), but then I always go back to it and try to keep the meditation momentum going.

3. Eat Good Food

Moreover, eating good food every day, three times a day, is the best thing you can ever do for your body. I know business negotiations, clients to adhere to, piles of paperwork, and a lot of random errands you must do, can really crunch your time in half leading you to skip a meal. You’re busy I get it, but you are more important than the next thing in on your plate.

Your body is like a car needing fuel to continue operating. If you don’t have fuel in your tank then you’re going to run out of steam. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Fuel is the food you eat every day and should be eaten in the form of three meals a day at least.

What are foods to consider eating?

The type of fuel you put into your body is essential to how smooth you’ll operate throughout your day. I like to suggest fruits, which are quick to eat and are less messy when you’re on the go all the time. Here are the benefits of eating organic foods:

Organic food has antioxidants higher than traditional non-organic food.

  • There’s way, way, way less pesticide residue in organic food.
  • Your body will have more energy to do the things you love
  • You mental brain will be clearer and more focused.
  • After eating, you actually will feel good instead of feeling bloated and sick.
  • Your mood increases positively and when this happens your work day will go a lot smoother.

Also, another healthy leafy green I’m sure you’ll remember is cannabis. Smoking every once in awhile in the form of small hits off a joint or vaporizer is a great way to self-medicate while you’re hustling through the work day. Other than that my intuition tells me you’re well on your way to relaxing better after eating some organic healthy food. The types of food you consume have a significant impact on your ability to be an effective business leader in the cannabis industry.

In conclusion, these are only the first three ways you can relax as a ganjapreneur. I just scratched the scratch of the surface until part two comes into play. You’ve read part one, so be sure to read part two series of ‘5 Ways To Relax When You’re Too Busy Hustling.’’

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