On this article, I wanted to continue our discussion on the five ways to relax when you’re too busy hustling, but first, let’s discuss the overall summation of what we covered in part one series.

The first way described was to relax with the herbal medicinal cannabis tea from raw cannabis tea to chia cannabis tea. These two are amazing as they provide immense benefits such as clarity and a focused mentality. It’s also a great therapeutic drink to sip when you need a few minutes to yourself and relax from the day’s hustle.

The second way we discussed earlier was meditating.  I pointed out how successful people are the ones who meditate the most like for example, Tim Ferris. He’s an author of many books including the four hour work week and has a podcast on meditation. It’s a great starter to learn meditation from those who are interested in listening to the podcast ‘on the go’. I also pointed out tips on how to start with meditating from your home.

The third way was eating good food. It was a discussion on the benefits of eating good food. How does this relate to relaxing? Well, when you eat good food such as organic and non-chemical based food, then you’re increasing the ability to feel great therefore you relax more when do your daily work routine. There have been studies that show eating good food will improve your overall health including being more positive and happy.

Now that we’ve covered the first three ways you can relax as a cannabis entrepreneur, it’s time to discuss the last two. These two we’ll go in depth so we understand the benefits and why it’s important.

Yoga Heals You  

Yoga is the one of the activities you can do when you want to take a moment to be one with yourself. There’s many benefits  to yoga, it can give you a better start to your work day or to end your work day. Why does yoga heal you? Yoga connects with meditation as the two come hand in hand, they both singularly focus on breathing internally and externally. When you focus your breathing as you’re practicing yoga (no matter how much of a beginner you are) it helps you feel more calm and balances your chakras. When chakras are balanced, the result becomes you experiencing a much fuller feeling of yourself, and a relaxed state of mind. It’s even better when you add cannabis to the mix.

As you practice yoga be sure to use a beginners course either from youtube or visiting a yoga studio center. You may want to practice yoga at home, because you can experience smoking cannabis while aligning your calm state. There’s many places you can visit online for any beginner courses on yoga, but my favorite is Ali Kamenova beginner class. If you want a more friendly stoner yoga practice sessions than you can see Nikki by Nature. They’re both great and provide you the best yoga experience as a beginner.

The Benefits of Yoga For You

  • Lowers stress from a working like a BOSS.
  • Keeps you calmly energized throughout the day.
  • Strengthens body movement from head to toe.
  • Centers your mind, body, and soul.
  • Gives you space from the stressful day to day business life
  • Allows you to think clearer, so you can concentrate on the really hard projects.
  • Elevates your mood when you’re having a rough day
  • Decreases symptoms related to depression, allowing for a happier state of mind

Overall, the benefits of yoga outweigh the ‘act’ of doing it. As you do anything once, do the habit (yoga) from five minutes then increasing to one hour. Slowly get the habit going that best suits your need. If you feel like doing yoga once a week until you feel confident to do twice a week then do that as well. Cannabis will help you go through yoga much more fluidly to the point you look forward to practicing yoga everyday.

Smoke Some Weed In The Sun

smoke weed in the sun

When you’re out attending meetings, events or finishing up some necessary errands, you can relax for a moment under the sun and take a toke. It may seem odd to you that I suggest this, but there are references saying the sun can heal you internally. Richard Hobay writes about how the sun is a source of life, energy, and health, in his book The Healing Sun.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun’s healing powers and made good use of them, as did the Greeks and Romans.” Richard Hobay

History dating back to the egyptian times states the sun’s been around to heal our inner wounds. It’s promotes great health such as treating tuberculosis, getting vitamin D, and it gives you a total relaxation overload when sunbathing.

It’s been in my weekly routine to include some sun by scheduling time to be outside in the sun. As I sunbath, it allows me to breath and calm my nerves from whatever is troubling me. Even after I get done with a 10-15 minute sunbath (in actual sunlight) I feel rejuvenated and energized. It’s a different type of relaxation that I get for free!

Benefits You’ll Get From The Sun

  • Increased energy to help you be more productive.
  • Sunrays lowers blood pressure if you’re stressed
  • Cleanses your blood and blood vessels
  • Sunlight can assist with depression symptoms
  • Provides clarity when you step outside to get sunlight, so you can work smarter not harder

All in all, the sun is your friend and it’s free to use anytime you like. Why not smoke under the sun to relax the day’s troubles? You’ll be rejuvenated and ready to take on the world one step at a time.


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