Located inside the Twitter building in San Francisco, hundreds of tech and cannabis startups recently competed at the latest @420 Pitch event. @420 Pitch is a Shark Tank-type competition sponsored by the WeedClub, a professional network for cannabis.

WeedClub founder Evan Horowitz wants to give cannabis startups a way to become visible in the market. “They’re very curious,” Evan Horowitz told 7 x 7. “We’re trying to turn on their switch.” Cannabis startup events can barely keep up with the sheer amount of startups they’re seeing. These companies are attempting to come up with the best innovations.

One company, CRAFT, for instance, introduced CBD OG which they say produces a completely anxiety-free high.

“This is real disruption right here,” Matthew Callahan said.  Matthew Callahan of Botanix Pharma is promoting his FDA-approved prescription acne cream. The secret ingredient? CBD. Callahan’s five-person startup out of Philadelphia is attempting to raise almost $20 million to take their acne cream pipeline off the ground.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patch was also present. Mary’s Medicinals have created a two-by-two patch that delivers 10 mg of either CBD, CBN, THCa, or a 1:1 mix of CBD and THC. 20 mg patches are now available as well.

PAX Luxury vaporizers are located directly underneath the Burning Man HQ in San Francisco. PAX has raised a whopping $46.7 million in Series C funding and will be expanding into the UK and Germany.

Annabis also dropped into the scene with their line of “stylishly discreet odor-controlling luxury accessories for women.” Annabis offers the purse for smokers who wish to remain fashionable and discreet. Annabis made a presence as they took first place at this pitch session.

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