Staffing a full-time IT department is not a cheap endeavor for business owners. Some estimates put the cost of a full-time IT staff consisting of one general support resource, a security resource, data/software management resource, and an IT leader at $300-500k once you add up salaries and benefits. Add to that the necessary ongoing training, trade shows, etc… and the cost goes up even more. Working with a managed services provider (MSP) like Cannakins augments a business’ IT capabilities on demand and at a fraction of the cost. We provide the stop-gap resources while your business grows and can even help you staff for IT when the time is right. We succeed when our clients succeed!

Time is something we all seem to have a shortage of. One of the reasons firms like Cannakins exists is to share the load with our clients. They can focus on running their business and we handle the details. Cannakins has the time, resources, and expertise to bring solid solutions to our clients for review. Our implementation and support services make sure your business gets going, then stays up and running reliably and securely.

We bring the rain when it comes to collaboration and partnerships. Industry vendors recognize the value of working with firms like Cannakins in every sector, not just cannabis. There isn’t a week that goes by without a vendor or someone in our network turning us on to new and exciting solutions for us to vet.

A great example is that one of our vendors in the business intelligence (think product sales analytics) discipline just announced a strategic partnership with Nielsen, the famous TV ratings/analytics service most of us have heard of. Think of the analytical power this brings to business owners wanting to understand what products are being sold to which demographics during what days, weeks, months, or hours? How would this knowledge improve your inventory and sales methods? Pair that with a loyalty/CRM vendor and a business owner now has a suite of tools to help manage customer communication and retention, sales projections, inventory, and marketing. Depending on the choice of vendor, all these opportunities could even integrate seamlessly with your existing POS system.

Advanced services round out some of the benefits associated with leveraging a firm such as Cannakins. Many vendors are responsible for pre-sales support and some post-sales engagement, but not daily use or custom configuration of the product. Our relationship with vendors gives Cannakins access to advanced training and support not available to the general public.

Take the example above of multiple solutions that can be combined to create the business intelligence and customer loyalty/marketing suite. Separately, these vendors do not work together on a daily or even monthly basis. If you asked the business intelligence vendor to help you pick a loyalty/CRM program to compliment their service, they might have a partner to reach out to but can only go so far… their role is to support their company, not everyone else’s.

Cannakins is connected with the industry big picture and goes above and beyond what individual vendors can provide. We are there when a business owner wants to integrate different solutions, we are there when clients want to increase competitive advantage, and we are there to level-up your business.

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