Thank You For Being Apart of the DCN Community!

  Here we are, closing out 2016 and about to begin our journey into 2017. Our team asked me to write a 2016 recap message, and to be honest this is the first time I felt like I had to put a formal piece together, so what did I do? I went to google and began searching for examples of a formal CEO year in review message. As I began reading letter after letter, I realized why I am trying to bring such a formality into this.

  We at DCN understand that our industry is different than any other industry out there, we even look at the entrepreneurs and don’t see them just as an entrepreneur but as an entrepreneur 2.0. Why? Because this is the first time in a long time where we have the opportunity to change how an industry is built from the foundation up and each of these individuals is faced with hurdles and challenges we wouldn’t face in any other industry and yet they are doing what it takes to continue to move forward.

And all of this has begun to transform because of a plant, but not just any plant, cannabis. As you all know, cannabis is saving so many lives, men and women are fighting and risking their freedom still to this very day. Cannabis is allowing people to live again, to be creative, to take risks, to find themselves and to feel whole again and I can say I am honored to be able to cover all of this and to be apart of history.

2016 became the year DCN began to truly find it’s voice within the cannabis space. We evolved, rebranded and have gained a clearer perspective of our mission within this industry. As a team, we tackled many issues pertaining to company growth. We took an opportunity and applied to Canopy San Diego, the first cannabis accelerator located in our hometown of San Diego, California. After a lengthy application process, we were accepted into the first cohort and began classes in October of 2016. That experience alone has been arduous and yet the best decision we could’ve made.

 Taking a look back into the early months of 2016, the brand transformation is apparent, and is an indicator in itself of our determination to continue growing and adapting to our surroundings. You can see that the DCN brand has excelled to it’s full potential by creating stronger content and providing a clearer voice in this space. DCN is not JUST a news network focusing on the latest tech, innovation and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry; we are building a community for the investor’s, professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, build and grow their businesses and the industry together.

A Video Message From Our CEO Part Two

And on that note; I would like to take this moment to thank our team and those who were apart of our journey since the beginning, our mentors, client’s, partners and most importantly the DCN community, each of you have made 2016 a tremendous year for us. I am proud of our accomplishments and very appreciative of the constant support we have received from everyone.

  For 2017, we will begin our chapter of growth, this includes an assertive journey of fundraising kicked off by pitching at Arcview’s Los Angeles event and Canopy San Diego’s Demo day.

We will release our new services to our fellow entrepreneurs and brands to become apart of the Direct Cannabis Network community, along with launching more LIVE segments with our partners and special guests. This year DCN will be introducing a host of new contributors who will be discussing important topics that you all have been wanting to learn more about. Plus we’re adding more quality original content showcasing the latest innovation, upcoming technology, leaders and entrepreneurs within the industry.

To complete my message and officially begin signing off for the year, I light this joint in celebration and commend each of you all for making it through 2016. I wish everyone a successful journey in 2017. Here’s to continuous personal growth within ourselves and within our industry!

And remember, let’s think higher!


Adelia Lorena Carrillo
Chief Executive Officer
Direct Cannabis Network 

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