Oregon has a thriving tourism industry centered around the wine and craft brewery culture, and agritourism centered around the cannabis industry is gaining in popularity, as it has in Washington and Colorado. This blossoming industry will bring about some changes for many Oregon communities. Ginger and Brigham Edwards are optimistic about the effects cannabis tourism will have on their small, organic farm in the coastal town of Nehalem. North Fork 53 is an organic farmstead that hosts a year round Farm Store featuring locally grown produce from Ginger’s farm R-evolution, grass fed meat, and line-caught, sustainable seafood, hands on workshops, and unique farm to table events. On Sunday, November 22nd, North Fork 53 will be tailoring their experience to the cannabis community with Bud and Brunch, “a farm brunch that brings Oregon’s new legal crop to the table along with our fall harvest of delicious organic foods.”

Ginger’s farm has been supplying organic vegetables to her coastal community for the last 7 years, and Brigham Edwards is the founder of PNW Potions, where he creates “small-batch energy induced medicinal tinctures for uplifting the body and mind, while helping to relieve pain.” Ginger and Brigham are bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to North Fork 53 to create an atmosphere of community, and a focus on promoting awareness about the products and foods that people consume on a daily basis. Cannabis industry expert Stephanie Calderon of award winning TJ’s Organic Provisions and Remedy Jane will lead a pairing of Oregon grown cannabis products and local farm foods, as well as an informative discussion on how the legal adult use market in Oregon will impact rural economies, agritourism and local communities. There will be samples from 2015 Dope Cup Winners Ideal Farms, True North Extracts. Highly Distributed, one of Oregon’s first cannabis distribution companies, will provide product from Oregon medicinal cannabis companies including Synergy Transdermal Patches, Luminous Botanicals, and truffles from Leif Medicinals. Med with Love cannabis chais and coffees will also be available. Oregon Coast Cannabis, the newest medical dispensary in the neighboring town of Manzanita will be there to answer questions about purchasing cannabis, the way the adult use market has affected medical dispensaries in the state, or any other dispensary related inquiries.

Retail sales of cannabis and other regulatory changes that are coming with the legalization of adult use will deeply affect many of the longstanding communities of cultivators as the industry develops. Oregon is a prime location for the cultivation of many crops, with a particularly ideal climate for the cultivation of outdoor cannabis in the southern part of the state. There is also a thriving indoor cultivation scene throughout the state that has blossomed into something akin to the craft brewery culture. “We have been having so many conversations lately with friends about what the legalization of cannabis means to us as small farmers,” Brighton told local Astoria publication HIPFiSH. “People are just starting to realize that we don’t need to sneak around the subject, or be embarrassed. In my opinion, cannabis is probably one of the most amazing plants out there.” North Fork 53 will be a leader in the cannabis tourism and event industry, hosting cannabis friendly weddings, a New Year’s formal, and other monthly cannabis friendly events focusing on food and education. Bed and breakfast style lodging is available on the farm through Bud and Breakfast, or Airbnb, which sounds like the perfect way to wind down the evening after a cooking class, mushroom foraging excursion, or their upcoming organic herbal salve making class. North Fork 53 is an excellent example of the way legal cannabis can bring people together in a positive way, contributing to a sense of community and fostering an appreciation for local industry. Ginger expressed her desire to create a sense of community between the local community and cannabis producers to HIPFiSH, saying “We want to invite our friends who farm cannabis locally to the table. They are growing a crop just like the rest of us. By pairing it with food we can start to de-stigmatize it and bring it into the realm of something as normal a[s] a farm brunch.”

Bud and Brunch will take place from 11am-2pm on Sunday, November 22nd, and tickets are $75. If you live in Oregon, or will be in the area on November 22nd, head over to the Bud and Brunch Eventbrite page to purchase your tickets. All guests will go home with goodie bags full of free samples from all the companies represented. Seats are limited. You must be 21 or over to attend and IDs are required. No alcohol will be served at this event.http://www.hipfishmonthly.com/


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