Why You Need To Think About Your Intellectual Property

I start this by stating my assumption that a fair amount of people coming into the cannabis space don’t have MBA’s, or a background...

A 2016 Message From Our CEO

Thank You For Being Apart of the DCN Community!   Here we are, closing out 2016 and about to begin our journey into 2017. Our...

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Massroots Acquires Odava

M&A Insider: Massroots Acquires Odava Cannabis POS Software for $1.75 Million

Odava, Inc., a leading regulatory compliance platform for the cannabis industry, has been acquired by Massroots, Inc. The deal was for $1.75 million in...

Tweed Enters the Market

Tweed Marijuana Inc. or TMI is Canada's first publicly traded medical marijuana company. Tweed announced July 8 that Health Canada is now allowing them...
Stratos THC Provides Dependable Dosages

Stratos THC Provides Dependable Dosages

STRATOS THC tablets deliver a potent and favorable form of relief. Created by a team of industry-leading cannabis cultivators, scientists, and engineers, STRATOS meticulously designed an easy way to find consistent relief that patients can depend on…all in the form of a dissolvable tablet you can drop into a drink of your choice.

Cannabis Entrepreneur Appearing on Prime Time Reality TV

Startup U is a reality TV show airing Tuesday nights on ABC Family. One of the ten contestants happens to run a medical cannabis delivery app. 

Canopy Boulder and The ArcView Group Working To Accelerate The Legal Cannabis Industry

The ArcView Group has been helping shape the cannabis industry since 2010, and last year they announced their plan to work with Canopy Boulder...

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