Creating The Ideal Cannabis-Related Influencer Event

The marketing and promotion of legal cannabis are quickly matching the scope and sophistication of the most hyped consumer products. Cannabis brands are putting...

Entrepreneur of the Week: Amber Bacca of Trax Team Solutions

Each week we highlight entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry for our viewers to learn more about the leading cannabis executives of our time. This...

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Meadow Launches Cloud-Based Platform

Meadow, the Y Combinator-backed enterprise, was one of the first delivery apps to hit the cannabis market. Meadow was touted as a direct-to-consumer product. Meadow's new platform is a software suite formulated for the modern dispensary enterprise- and helping dispensary owners get a head start on the new regulations for California.

280e tax

How to Overcome 280E Tax Laws, Wurk Webinar

Würk --- an employee management technology company --- is launching a webinar series designed to help today’s highly regulated businesses succeed in the industry. Würk’s...

kb Pure Essentials

kb Pure Essentials started through the passion and vision of best friends, Katie Moodie and Brooke Brun. In 2014 Brooke began to experience challenging...
Kimberly Simmsvideo

Kimberly Simms Discusses Business, Regulation and California Cannabis

This month on DCN Talks, Adelia sat down with Kimberly Simms of The Law Offices of Kimberly Simms to learn how Kimberly has been...

Eyechronic: Ad-Based TV Network Set to Close $2 Million+ Series A Round

As part of the rapid growth in the cannabis space, brands and customer brand loyalty are quickly developing. Yet, they face strict advertising restrictions in...

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