This week on DCN Talks, we had the opportunity of sitting down with Sumit Mehta, Founding Partner of Mazakali. Sumit offers insight for entrepreneurs and investors in or looking to grow in the cannabis industry.

In this interview learn why Sumit left a Wall Street career and moved into the cannabis industry, gain knowledge and insight whether you are an entrepreneur or investor and learn key tips on preparing your pitch deck and how you can learn more from Mazakali by signing up for their Green Papers.

Based in the Bay Area, Mazakali provides comprehensive consulting services to emerging and established entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Take your vision to the next level with the experienced Mazakali team.

The Mazakali Investment Platform can help you learn how to navigate the plethora of available investment opportunities. Having helped guide investors through the tech boom, the real estate boom, and the craft beer boom, they will not only help you understand the commonalities amongst these but also pitfalls to avoid. You will learn how to screen investment opportunities, which sectors are poised for above-average growth, how to view public vs. private investments, and how to adequately diversify your portfolio.

You will learn key trends and opportunities in Cannabis. Stay abreast of the latest innovations in the industry, and learn to differentiate between ‘fad’ and ‘sustainable’. Learn more about what a deep cannabis due diligence process involves, how to achieve diversification, the impact of non-correlated asset holdings, liquidity and exit opportunities. While investing in Cannabis can be very rewarding on many levels, it can also lead to a complete loss of your investment.

Maximize your odds for meaningful financial return on the Mazakali Investment Platform.

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