I had the opportunity to check out the third annual Emerald Conference that was held at Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina on February 2nd and 3rd in San Diego, California.

Lucia Napolez at the Emerald Conference. Photo at the Boveda Booth.

What is the Emerald Conference?

It’s known as the biggest conference in the cannabis industry devoted to the deep exploration and discussion of the Science of Cannabis, including Analytical Testing, Extraction and Infusion Sciences, Cultivation Sciences, Clinical Applications, Inter-Lab Comparison and Proficiency Testing, State Regulations, Industry Standardization, and more. The conference runs for two days, each day focuses on a particular subject of cannabis science. Day one focused on Horticultural Science, Agricultural Practice, Extraction, Infused Products and Regulation. While the second day was dedicated to Analytical Testing and Sample Schemes.

What happened at the Emerald Conference?

This was my first time attending the Emerald Conference, and exploring the topic of cannabis science. The conferences I typically attend either sway towards attracting individuals interested in either the business side of the industry such as the New West Summit or lifestyle events such as the Cannabis Cup. The crowds at the Emerald Conference had me feeling as if I walked into a science fair gathering, and cannabis was only the common denominator between them and myself. The conversations taking place at this particular event were centered around topics I’d personally never immersed myself in before. Panels discussing subjects such as: Opportunities and Risks in Regulated Cannabis Horticultural Science and Production, Cannabis Genetics Further advances in developing genetic markers, and Cannabis is food: Analyzing pesticides in marijuana flowers using techniques borrowed from the food safety community, were the choice of discussions taking place that day. I learned a thing or two on extraction, while gaining a new respect for the individuals studying the science of cannabis, and then applying it to creating regulations and technology for the growing space.

Want to learn more about the Emerald Conference?

DCN will be releasing a video highlighting the conference on our website later this month. Also please check out The Emerald Conference.