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Hotbox Reviews Unboxed: Flytlab Lift

LIFT by Flytlab   The LIFT Herbal Vaporizer The most compact. Smart. Powerful The best tasting handheld herbal vaporizer 2017 The Flytlab Lift Vaporizer is the company’s newest creation herbal...
eventhi cannabis events

EventHi: Tech Startup Catering to Cannabis Event Industry

Imagine this, for the past few years, you have been exhibiting at various cannabis events when all of a sudden you end up locked...
Massroots Acquires Odava

Massroots Acquires Odava Cannabis POS Software for $1.75 Million

Odava, Inc., a leading regulatory compliance platform for the cannabis industry, has been acquired by Massroots, Inc. The deal was for $1.75 million in...
gofire beta

GoFire Announces Beta Program Opportunity for Community

You may remember our first article on GoFire announcing their raise of $210,000 at the end of January with a $9M valuation. To date, GoFire...
Levo Oilvideo

HotBox Reviews: Levo Oil

This Month on Hotbox Reviews: Levo Oil - Auto Infusing Machine Host: Lucia Napolez About Oil Infusion Welcome to HotBox Reviews! I’m your host, Lucia, today’s review...

PrestoDoctor launches First Telemedicine Kiosks in Marijuana Dispensaries

PrestoDoctor, a leading provider of telemedicine consultations for medicinal marijuana patients, is unveiling the first telemedicine kiosks in cannabis dispensaries across California and Nevada...
lodestone data

Tracking Seed to Harvest – Lodestone Data Technologies

As many U.S. states are getting ready for both medicinal and recreational cannabis markets to spring up, questions on compliance and regulation come into...
confident cannabis

Confident Cannabis – Real-Time Database

Confident Cannabis is a real-time database for cannabis, it is also known as a cannabis specific laboratory information management system (LIMS) that could potentially...

Cova: Elevating The Cannabis Retail Experience

Direct Cannabis Network had the opportunity to sit down and share in a conversation with Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova, a technology company focused...

Interview: Richard Huang Propels Innovation Behind The Cloudious9

As cannabis and technology collide together, we will continue to see a push for innovation primarily geared towards ancillary products. And there is one...
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