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nevada recreational

Nevada Recreational Sales delayed

There’s been a lot of recent push back Nevada’s “early start” program that would allow recreational sales to begin on July 1st, 2017. Two...

7 Easy Metrics for Cannabis Marketing

How do you approach marketing for your cannabis business? So often, I see entrepreneurs trying anything and everything they can think of. We call this...

The Need for Laboratory Compliance in a Non-Regulated Industry

What is the role of the Quality Control Laboratory? The Quality Control (QC) laboratory serves as one of the most critical functions in pharmaceutical manufacturing...
florida laws

Rolling Loud Despite Florida Laws

Florida has enacted flawed medicinal cannabis laws that only apply to people with cancer, severe muscle spasms, seizures, and terminally ill patients that are...
medical marijuana

On the Road in Pennsylvania: Medical Marijuana Process Highlights

In 2016, multiple states legalized medical cannabis, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. By 2020, all three states are projected to be in the top...
Marijuana legislative

Marijuana Legislative Round Up: Arkansas, Florida, New York, and Montana

There is nothing more important to the legal marijuana industry than how it's regulated; after all, if there are no rules, then there is...
Arkansas Medical Marijuana

Arkansas Proposed Medical Marijuana Program: The Pros and Cons

Each new state that enters the legal cannabis industry needs to respect the vote that made that market possible. Recently I had the opportunity...

Mexico’s Path To Legalization

Have you ever wondered what our neighbor to the south thinks of cannabis? Mexico tried the strict law enforcement approach during the administration of conservative...
cannabis security

Security in the Cannabis Space

In this Growers Spotlight, we lock our doors and check our security cameras with Todd Kleperis from Hard Car Security. Securing Your Physical Business What are...
Uruguay legalization

Uruguay’s Journey to Legalization

Uruguay is becoming one of the first countries to legalize nationwide sales of over the counter recreational cannabis to Uruguayans and long term residents....
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